10 October 09:00 - 17:00Høymagasinet

PropTech Summit XIX 

- Beyond the hype

Technology is revolutionizing the property game. It is happening fast and everyone is talking about it. This year the PropTech Summit move beyond the hype. 

We cut out the buzz and bring the facts to the table. What is actually happening? What is actually working? And who is doing it? 

To spread some lights on the topic our first speaker annunciation is Andrew Baum. In 2017, Baum’s report Proptech 3.0: The Future of Real Estate became the most downloaded report from Oxford’s Saïd Business School, one of several prestigious schools and companies he has practiced at (Cambridge and Harvard are among the others). The report proved to everyone in PropTech that they were, in fact, a real industry. It also proved that, if made to pick one person to keynote about the future of proptech, Baum would be the one.

As we widen our outlook beyond the Oslo skyline: Will proptech save the property business? Or could it damage it by removing the personal contact? Could it distract agents and entrepeneurs from their core work and values? And are we ready for it? Do we understand how to make it work for us?

If you take an interest in the future of the property business, this is the no-miss event of 2019.

October 10, 12:00-22:00 at Høymagasinet, Oslo, Norway. 





11.00 - 12.00 @Share Oslo Lunch and start-up stands

12.00 - 17.00 @Høymagasinet

12.00 Session I

- Proptech 4.0 - beyond the hype, Andrew Baum, Professor of practise

- Next big thing: Co-Living, Christine McDannel

- The Swedish real estate industry's own digital disruption, Christoffer Börjesson

- Why startups and corprate partnerships fail, Hermann Knevel

13.50 Coffee, energy and conversations

14.10 Session II

- Disrupt anything that´s fucked up. Now: Real-estate, Morten Lund

- Paradigm shift in green investments, Susanne Gløersen

- Panel: Beyond the hype of green investments: what is happening across family offices, banks and industries?, Susanne Gløersen, Thina Saltvet & Heidi Austlied

- Bgrid

15.25 Coffee, energy and conversations

15.45 Session III


- Digital Twin of Ålesund/Oslo: Joe Mills

- H3Zoom, Taras Wankewycz, CEO H3Zoom

- Smart Plants, Sjur Usken, CEO Smart Plants

17.30 - 22.00 Afterparty and sessions @share

- Solutions session with Airthings, Catenda, Unloc, Unite Living

- Afterparty and expo with: Imerso - Tilman, Wec360, Catenda, Smart Plants, Unloc, Unite living, Spacemaker, Dimension 10, Cisco, 3D estate, Airthings, Styretavla, Disruptive tech, Build safe, Bygr 



Andrew Baum
Professor of Practice

Saïd Business SchoolUniversity of Oxford Andrew leads the Future of Real Estate Initiative.

This is a four-year industry-supported research programme focused on the 2025-2030 impact of innovation and technology on the global real estate industry.He is chairman of Property Funds Research, an investment advisory firm, Chairman of Newcore Capital Management, a real estate fund manager focussed on alternatives, and advisor to several property organisations. He was hired as the first director of property research for Prudential in 1987. Since that time he has spent part of his time as an academic and part of his time in business, developing an expertise in property finance, property development, property funds, proptech and international real estate investment.He founded RES (a property research company) in 1990 and (with his partners) sold the business to Henderson Global Investors in 1997 when he became Chief Investment Officer (Property) at Henderson and later Director of International Property.

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Morten Lund
Venture capitalist

Disrupting real-estate

Lund was born in Roskilde, Denmark and grew up in Jersie. He studied economics at Odense University, but left in order to concentrate on his businesses.[4] He has invested in a wide range of industry sectors spanning the internet, telecommunications, health and alternative energy.An early venture was Neo Ideo, a web consultancy founded with friends in 1996. This became one of Denmark's top three agencies before its sale to advertising giant Leo Burnett in 1999. His first major investment firm was  LundXY, which operated a variety of intent oriented businesses, and the newspaper Nyhedsavisen; the paper's failure led to Lund's bankruptcy.After his bankruptcy, n 2013 he started a new business network known as OnlyXO, through which he would chair a number of early stage companies, including Capital Aid, Itembase and AirHelp, and several startups that he personally co-founded. The present focus is on financial technology companies that can be integrated with the systems of digital invoicing specialist Tradeshift. Capital Aid is described as "the star project." Additionally, as part of the OnlyXO network, Lund has helped to launch initiatives that match his own needs as a serial entrepreneur, including pitchXO, Tofte & Company and Sharkboard.

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Christine McDannel

The CoLiving code

Remember coworking? Christine McDannell is taking it to the next level. She is the highly sought after serial entrepreneur behind Kindred Quarters, Kndrd and published the first book on Coliving in 2018: «The Coliving Code: How To Find Your Tribe, Share Resources and Design Your Life» - with a Richard Branson foreword. She promotes the arrangement of sharing housing space and costs with likeminded entrepreneurs: «The idea behind coliving is to give entrepreneurs the opportunity to focus entirely on their company and not worry about mundane but necessary things like cooking, cleaning, sending mail and anything else that distracts you form building your company. People are signing away their paychecks on rent and feeling increasingly isolated. The Coliving movement redefines the term ‘housemate’ with something meaningful, sustainable, and flexible on a global level. Real estate projects need to be built specifically for the way humans are now deciding to live and work together.»

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Christoffer Börjesson
CDO (Chief Digital Officer), Fastighetsägarna Stockholm och Service

The Swedish real estate industry's own digital disruption

The real estate industry is often lambasted for being slow to the digital smorgosbord. This, according to Christoffer Børjesson, chief digital officer at Stockholm’s Fastighetsägerne and one of the Nordic’s greatest PropTech profiles, is a myth. There may be fewer screens and digitial applications in real estate than in certain other industries, but a lot of interesting work is going on below the surface:«The transformation of real estate industry is about much more than making a building autonomous. It is about discovering new digital value propositions.»Børjesson is even interim CEO of Accessy, a startup digital platform where property owners use digital keys to share access, rights and ownership for locked properties such as meeting rooms, offices and apartments.

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Herman Knevel
Director of Innovation & Strategic Development at ISS

The collaborative future of real estate

Herman Knevel: The collaborative future of real estateHerman Knevel, Director of Innovation & Strategic Development at ISS, is perhaps the real estate industry’s most vocal and respected proponent of developing an open innovation culture.He will argue that the proptech industry must unlock the startup ecosystem for greater corporate collaboration. Knevel will introduce the Vested Outsourcing Model, a model for strategic partnerships of American origin:«It has introduced a new way to understand the relationship between client and service provider. While costs, turnover and customer satisfaction used to be the most frequent KPIs, we now focus on determining common values and interests. Innovation can not be purchased, but must be developed collaboratively».

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Susanne Gløersen
Founder at SustainableInsight

Paradigm shift in investments

Susanne Gløersen is an expert in sustainable investments and an early mover in the field. She is the founder of SustainableInsight, which aims to pioneer financial players and companies approach to sustainability, both to create financial value as well as accelerate the green shift. Her previous experience includes working across the financial ecosystem through her role as sustainability strategist in Formuesforvaltning, the Nordic sustainable investment team in Nordea Asset Management and Carnegie. In Formuesforvaltning, Susanne among other worked with integrating sustainability in real estate investments.Susanne has also co-founded Norsif, the Norwegian Association for Sustainable Investments, and is a mentor to Katapult Oceans start-ups. Due to her deep knowledge[SG1] , , she was invited to the Minister of Finance to give her perspective on sustainability and private equity investments. A particular passion for Susanne is cutting edge green technology that accelerates the green shift across current systems, and enabling future fit investment strategies that tap into these opportunities.

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Parametric Design for The Built Environment

OMRT combines crazy ideas with market demands to create smart digital solutions that can solve complex problems.

10 percent of the total yearly building revenue in countries like Holland covers failure costs - mostly from rework in design and calculations, or miscommunication during the design phase. Architects, engineers and project developers have specialised to compensate for the increasing complexity within projects, resulting in an increasing gap between the roles. In Dutch company OMRT’s opinion, the computer can be used as source to fill this gap. Not by better communication but by integration within the product.OMRT builds parametric software tools for designers, engineers and real estate developers to improve the quality of the built environment, and led to their selection as one of the 50 best Proptech startups in the world. Meet them at Proptech Norway XIX.

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Realizing the world’s smartest buildings

 BGrid - are making the smartest buildings in the world - in real scale  - from Microsoft’s new HQ to Edge Technology.

The Internet of Things is already destined to change the real estate industry. bGrid is one of the companies vying to do so. The Amsterdam-based technology and innovation company develops controls, remote monitoring and “Internet of Things” solutions.  Lighting, climate system, coffee machines and even people are connected through a network of bGrid nodes that senses everything that happens in the building and enables fast accurate positioning of people and assets. 

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 H3Zoom - all the way from Singapore, this international start-up super star, are utilizing drone Technology to change the way buidings and facades are inspected, cutting costs and making life easier for everyone

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Sjur Usken
CEO Smart Plants

Norways next unicorn? This Norwegian scale up is in the run to become the world's best PropTech start-up at the Expo real, with their smart building and managing smart system that will revolutionize how we think of smart buildings in Norway.

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